Happy Hearts

written 8/20/2011 by Ryan Hartwig

Hearts united in love,

Enlightenment from above,

The conversation never stops on time.


A daily dose of fun,

To combat all the glum,

The laughing always prompts a pretty smile.


Tired after a long day’s work,

Our duties we did not shirk,

A tired family makes for peaceful, happy hearts.


A simply child’s lullaby,

A hymn, a poem, make us wonder why,

We ever wanted more than just a little time.


Time spent with family, with friends, and kin

The quiet moments, the laughter, the ruckus and din,

All make for a rewarding, happy life.


The paychecks come and go,

And we enjoy making dough.


Yet there is nothing more sublime,

Than a little family time.


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