Mortgage Rap



Never TILA lie, but tell the cost of credit,

APR and finance charge, so your clients get it.

Make sure you disclose, before you grow your nose, the following list and how it goes.


TIL statement and a guide

A charming booklet that adjusts just fine

A prepayment disclosure for them peeps

and notice of their right to rescind

HELIicopters(HELOCS) line up at your home

with a chance of ARM balloons if that’s your type of loan.


Reg Z gives some  time guidelines

For the TIL Statement the lender provides.

After the app arrives, we have 3 days,

At the latest 7 days before closing day.


What defines an app, for TI LA,

6 bits of info, think about it, duh

3 from the borrower, and 3 from the property

name, social, income for the first,

Next comes value, address, loan amount.


After they close, and everything is rosy

The client still has 3 days to rescind.

Every business day, and time runs away, every day counts, except sundays, holidays.

But failure to notify, or understated buy, gives the buyer 3 more years to decide.


Advertising sucks, with all these guidelines,

And the feds get along with Steve Lines

Number means trigger, so watch what you say, better tell the APR or bye to Fannie Mae.

Terms to fit your budget, 12% APR, both are acceptable things to say.


And so ends my rap, of TILA, it’s better than vanilla, and you’ll close your Deala.




Listen to it here: Advocate 3


by Ryan Hartwig


Don’t give up do whatever it takes,

To become worthy, of God’s grace.


Focus on improvement, and recognize

The little things you’re doing right no matter the size.


Think about relationships, with self and with God.


What is it, I believe of me, myself and I,

good or bad or ugly,

capable and cute.


Are these my own thoughts, or do they come from others,

and do they align themselves with God’s own opinion.


Instead of the negative, think of something good.


Be happy and positive, like you know you should.


Let God come heal you through his merits, mercy, grace.[1]


Like an army medic he responds to your call,

And through your faith obedience brings comfort to us all.[2]


He is our advocate, the very best attorney.[3]


And while we’re on the gurney, he’s standing up to plead.[4]


For our cause and liberty, deliverance from sin.


He loves us so much, and he’s our next of kin.


Listen to his Word, and feast upon his love, for you may forever if your minds are firm.[5]

[1] 2 Nephi 2:8, 3 Nephi 9:13

[2] Isaiah 57:18

[3] Moroni 7:28

[4] Isaiah 51:22, Isaiah 3:13, Jacob 3:1

[5] Jacob 3:2


A rap a day…

Listen to it here: A rap a day…


A rap a day keeps the doctor away


Apples and lettuce, all of them is good

When you see the doctor, you feel like you should


But them brownies ain’t got good stuff in ’em

They damage your body like a poison or venom


Tomatoes are red, like the rhythm of your heart

Blueberries are chillin’, and taste a little tart


So learn your lesson, and eat a little more

Of them fruits and veggies, your nutrition is poor.


A rap a day keeps the doctor away


(lyrics and music by Ryan Hartwig)