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Written by Katherine and Ryan

October 17th, 2020

A Whistleblower tells all about events from 2012:  Nobama, Hide’n Biden, Killary; Benghazi; why $150B was paid to Iran; what happened to Seal Team 6, and a shocking update on Osama Bin Laden.  This video was just released on Sunday October 11th…and covered up within hours of its release.  Why?  Because EVERYTHING that the demonrats have been doing up to now is to divert attention away from their misdeeds, getting rid of one of the best presidents America has ever had, and destroying our country via fascism/socialism/communism (take your pick).

Granted, the whistleblower’s appearance with the Sikh head garb may strike some Americans as odd. But when you understand Alan Howell Parrot’s background as a falconer in the Middle East, his eyewitness accounts begin to make sense. The documents and audio he has provided thus far point towards a verifiable account of actual events.

To learn more about Alan Howell Parrot and his work with endangered falcons while living in the Middle East for 20+ years, this amazing documentary shows the beauty of falcons and Alan’s fight in preserving a cherished species.

Alan Howell Parrot is risking his life to bring forward this evidence in the hope to bring politicians to justice, just as he fought for justice in the Middle East. In the same way that Jer Falcons are a precious commodity worth preserving, freedom is an endangered right and corruption cannot continue unchecked.

In conclusion, you can decide for yourself after watching Alan’s interview with Nick Noe and Charles Woods.  It’s about 28 minutes long, but it is time well spent.  IF it is true, then our former president, along with the former VP who is now running for president AND former Secretary of State MUST be charged with TREASON and treated the way the Constitution proscribes for traitors.

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