11/27/2020 by Ryan Hartwig

I first spoke with John Haluska on Friday November 6th, 2020, and he told me his story. On November 12th, I drove to Tucson and had him sign an affidavit, which I then delivered to the AZ GOP.

John says he was a GOP poll watcher in Tucson, AZ, and on election day, Nov 3, 2020, he was kicked out of the polling location and told to observe from outside the building. He also witnessed vehicles with Massachusetts license plates arrive and deliver boxes. The individuals in those vehicles took pictures of everything and everyone, including John.

Mr. Haluska’s signed affidavit
John Haluska’s signed affidavit

Background and Overview

by Ryan Hartwig

On Friday November 6th I attended a rally at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (MCTEC), in Phoenix, Arizona, near downtown Phoenix, located at 510 S 3rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003.

I ran into Josh Barnett, congressional candidate for AZ-7, at this rally. I had helped with his campaign a little and have known him for at least a year. Josh explained to me that they knew someone who was working inside the election center and was seeing irregularities.

He gave me John Haluska’s number, and I called him that same day, Friday Nov 6th at 5:39pm. It turns out there was some miscommunication, and John Haluska was actually a poll watcher in southern Arizona, Pima County on election day. 

John told me that on election day, Tuesday November 3rd, 2020, he was assigned to be a poll watcher in Pima County, at 5900 Western Way Circle, Tucson, AZ 85713. 

John was the only GOP poll observer at that location, and arrived at 5:35am to work his shift. According to his signed affidavit, a few minutes after he arrived, another poll worker asked him what “side” he was on. He didn’t understand the question and they asked to see his I.D. and he showed it to them. At that point, once they realized he was GOP they asked him to sit in the corner. A few minutes after that, they ordered him outside, the door closed behind him and he was locked out.

He sat down on his chair outside, and then at 6:22am a man showed up with 2 boxes and was let inside the locked back door. John then observed him and someone else taking photos of everyone. 

These individuals who arrived had vehicles with Massachusetts plates and were wearing purple shirts that said “Voter Integrity Group”. 

John felt uncomfortable and he called the GOP rep and explained the situation. He told the GOP rep he didn’t feel safe and was advised to leave. John turned in a handwritten report to someone named Karen with the GOP at a Tucson GOP location off Fort Lowell St and Campbell. John has since attempted to locate that handwritten report, which included the license plate numbers, but has not been able to locate it.

On Thursday November 12th, 2020 I drove down to Tucson and back to have John Haluska sign his affidavit. I drove 267 miles and it was a 4 hour and 37 minute round trip. I met with John outside his mobile home and I also took a video of him explaining what happened. 

I hand-delivered the wet signature with Haluska’s affidavit on Friday Nov 13th, 2020 to the AZ GOP headquarters located at 3501 N 24th St Phoenix, AZ 85016. I gave the affidavit to Felicia, who Greg Safsten recommended I give it to. Greg Safsten is the Executive Director of the Republican Party of Arizona.

**Note: John Haluska’s name was misspelled on the day he worked as a poll observer as “Haluski” or “Hulaski”

***Note: John was reticent to go public but on Tuesday 11/24/2020 finally agreed to it.

Other Photos and Documentation

John Haluska
Ryan Hartwig & John Haluska on November 12th, 2020.
Ryan Hartwig’s phone calls to John Haluska