National radio broadcast with Mark Walters, Armed American Radio. October 18th, 2020

Brazil interview on October 15th, 2020, live show with 10,000 live viewers on Terca Livre.

Mexico interview on October 14th, 2020, Facebook live with Valora Radio.

In Miami, FL on October 10th, 2020, speaking at the American Priority conference (AmpFest).

Argentina interview on October 2nd, 2020, Edicion Digital Radio podcast.

Argentina interview, August 8th, 2020 with El Presto, 53,000 views

U.S. Interview on August 1st, 2020 with John Hines from One America News

Colombia interview, July 27th, 2020, radio interview with BluRadio, Camila Zuluaga.

Spain interview, July 2nd, 2020, El Toro TV, El Gato El Agua

Thanks for watching! You can see all of my Portuguese interviews here and all of my Spanish interviews here

Lastly, here is the video release on June 25th, 2020 when I went public with Project Veritas. Thank you for watching!