**August 17th, 2021—Published a 300 page book documenting dozens of concrete examples of Facebook’s biased censorship, with an in-depth analysis of their policies and procedures.

Lawsuits & Legal Proceedings

**July 27th, 2020—Aided in criminal referral to the DOJ for Mark Zuckerberg, based on material I documented with a hidden camera and provided to Congressman Gaetz

**October 2020—Helped fundraise $130,000 for the emergency injunction lawsuit in California against Youtube ** ongoing lawsuit:

**November 17th, 2020—Mentioned in FEC complaint against Facebook in Michigan, with regards to the U.S. Senate Race between John James and Gary Peters.

**April 26th, 2022—Provided an affidavit and evidence for a constitutional challenge against section 230 brought by Jason Fyk and the Social Media Freedom Foundation.

**May 2nd, 2022—Mentioned multiple times in Laura Loomer’s RICO lawsuit against Facebook.

**March 4, 2024–Provided affidavit to be used in Murthy vs Missouri (formerly Missouri vs Biden) with Dr Three Rivers. Over 50 pages describing with evidence how Facebook influenced political discourse See Dr Three Rivers website here:



September 3rd-11th, 2020, Traveled to Brazil and met with Congresswoman Bia Kicis to present evidence.

October 2020 AmpFest, American Priority Conference in Miami, Florida

Gave a speech along with Zach Vorhies and Zachary McElroy

Dec 18-22nd 2020 Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida

Met with Fleccas a social media influencer who speaks out about freedom of speech. Met with Jason Fyk who has been fighting against tech censorship and lawsuit reached the Supreme Court. Spoke with many college students about Big Tech Censorship.

Met with Austin @fleccas
Met with Jason Fyk (middle) on Monday Dec 21, 2020. His lawsuit against Facebook may be heard by the Supreme Court in early 2021. Zachary McElroy, fellow Facebook insider is on the left.


Nov 7th 2020 rally at Maricopa County election center and I gave a speech.

Dec 5th 2020 Rally at the Phoenix Capitol

Election Fraud

Encouraged a GOP poll watcher to come forward with his story of irregularities.

Involved in Sidney Powell Lawsuit in Arizona and submitted a declaration.

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