Listen to it here: Advocate 3


by Ryan Hartwig


Don’t give up do whatever it takes,

To become worthy, of God’s grace.


Focus on improvement, and recognize

The little things you’re doing right no matter the size.


Think about relationships, with self and with God.


What is it, I believe of me, myself and I,

good or bad or ugly,

capable and cute.


Are these my own thoughts, or do they come from others,

and do they align themselves with God’s own opinion.


Instead of the negative, think of something good.


Be happy and positive, like you know you should.


Let God come heal you through his merits, mercy, grace.[1]


Like an army medic he responds to your call,

And through your faith obedience brings comfort to us all.[2]


He is our advocate, the very best attorney.[3]


And while we’re on the gurney, he’s standing up to plead.[4]


For our cause and liberty, deliverance from sin.


He loves us so much, and he’s our next of kin.


Listen to his Word, and feast upon his love, for you may forever if your minds are firm.[5]

[1] 2 Nephi 2:8, 3 Nephi 9:13

[2] Isaiah 57:18

[3] Moroni 7:28

[4] Isaiah 51:22, Isaiah 3:13, Jacob 3:1

[5] Jacob 3:2


Mexican Childrens’ Song

This tune is from a childrens’ song book  I found in Mexico. I borrowed the weathered book from an elderly woman, and made copies of all the songs. However, I misplaced the copies, and this was one of the only songs I had memorized. I believe there are three verses, and I only remember the first verse. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to track down the rest of the song, along with the complete song book.

Here is a recording made by yours truly, followed by a translation of the lyrics.


Mis dientes no los lavaré, un niño exclamó, ya me bané ya me peiné, con eso me bastó. Más en su boca se oyó, un grito de placer, y los microbios sin temor, salieron a comer.

I won’t brush my teeth, a child yelled. I already took a bath, and combed my hair, and that’s all I’m doing. Yet in his mouth a yell of excitement was heard, and the microbes ventured out to feast.