Happy Hearts

Happy Hearts

written 8/20/2011 by Ryan Hartwig

Hearts united in love,

Enlightenment from above,

The conversation never stops on time.


A daily dose of fun,

To combat all the glum,

The laughing always prompts a pretty smile.


Tired after a long day’s work,

Our duties we did not shirk,

A tired family makes for peaceful, happy hearts.


A simply child’s lullaby,

A hymn, a poem, make us wonder why,

We ever wanted more than just a little time.


Time spent with family, with friends, and kin

The quiet moments, the laughter, the ruckus and din,

All make for a rewarding, happy life.


The paychecks come and go,

And we enjoy making dough.


Yet there is nothing more sublime,

Than a little family time.

Book Review: The Magic of Getting What You Want

A family member recently provided me with some excerpts from a book titled “The Magic of Getting What You Want”, by David J. Schwartz

I would like to share some of the most salient points:


  • Parents should take responsibility for the actions of their children, instead of blaming outside influences.
  • Speak positively of those in your company, and build up those around you with praise.
  • The media celebrates negativity, and promotes more negative behavior.
  • “Bad news really does make more bad news” (104)
  • Terrorists take advantage of free publicity, thanks to press coverage of these tragic events.
  • Ask for help,  and find a mentor who is successful. Asking for help is the greatest praise you can give a mentor.
  • The best advice is advice you request, rather than advice you’re given.
  • Ask, don’t beg.

A Successful Bar

The happiest of men are those who are,
continually raising the bar.

For why be content with the progress you’ve made,
in a morning or afternoon sit.

Not for glory or praise, or a measly raise,
do these men strive for their best.

But rather for self, and family and more,
in order to better themselves.

They accomplish a lot, and see the progress,
all the while keeping it real.

For despite the success in a competitive world,
They set their eyes on the most precious pearl.

Which is time spent, with a family in need,
of loving and caring and joy.

Thus the bar that needs raising, the push for success,
not only is felt at work.

But may we feel the need, of a willing knee,
ready to sit a child, while we attend to every need.