A Mistooken Mishap


By Ryan Hartwig

Written February 2012 


When on a lovely summer day,

As you upon your hammock lay,

I brought some flowers for you to smell.


But as I came walking,

You rocked and from your hammock fell.


I gasped and dropped those flowers three,

And ran to help but all I could see,


Was another face, not your own,

Your face I had mistaken.


There was no fence and I got lost,

And mistook her face for you.


The lady accepted my kindly help,

And then I said to her “welp”,


“You’re not the one I had in mind,

But I hope you wouldn’t mind,


Pointing me in the direction of the one I came for,

You see, I get lost all the time.”


She slapped me on the cheek five times,

And with an angry look she said.


“Noé you silly little boy, you think me a decoy?!

I landed on my face so hard,

Some parts swapped places, and now I’m me,

Except with a different set-up.


So since you’ve helped me get up,

And now that I’ve already sat up.


If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to smell,

Those beautiful roses three.”


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