A rap a day…

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A rap a day keeps the doctor away


Apples and lettuce, all of them is good

When you see the doctor, you feel like you should


But them brownies ain’t got good stuff in ’em

They damage your body like a poison or venom


Tomatoes are red, like the rhythm of your heart

Blueberries are chillin’, and taste a little tart


So learn your lesson, and eat a little more

Of them fruits and veggies, your nutrition is poor.


A rap a day keeps the doctor away


(lyrics and music by Ryan Hartwig)

Book Review: The Robots of Dawn

The Robots of Dawn, by Isaac Asimov

This fascinating novel is simultaneously thought provoking and entertaining — a rarity among books, much less for a science fiction novel. Its philosophical depth is accompanied by a twisting plot which is woven around morals, politics, and culture.

Baley is a plainclothesman, a police officer who must travel to a foreign planet to uncover an impossible mystery, with his own planet’s future at stake.

With his ever-faithful robot companions at his side, and despite his error-riddled forays into an unknown culture, he achieves success. Amidst his victory, he unintentionally discovers a new breed of robot; a breed whose abilities remain hidden both to their creators and the universe.

Comment: I was debating whether to use the verb “entertain” in the first sentence, but I couldn’t come up with a verb to describe “thought provoking”. Out of my own innovation(or laziness), I came up with the verb “thovoking”, although it sounds more like a description of hiking through the arctic wilderness.